Wednesday, September 21, 2011

hobbyless housewife

it was only about an hour ago when i realized that i have no hobbies and thus, no life.

one of my two classes got cancelled and my other class was deemed completely worthless (by me) earlier this week. so i had a day to myself. this day was spent in bed until 2... unless you count getting up to use the loo or to respond to some emails for about 5 minutes. i then watched america's next top model and chopped and made myself hot dogs with jdawgs sauce. (sidenote: jdawgs is the gem of provo, but hubby and i can't afford to eat there as often as we'd like so we buy a bottle of their sauce and make our own hot dogs- almost as good. almost.)  i then ate half a bag of barbecue chips and drank 2 cans of diet coke.

when mr. dtf got home i was still in my robe. unshowered. no makeup. yesterday's ponytail. he opened our front door to find me curled up in the couch in all my shame and that is the moment i realized that i have no hobbies. i then burst into tears. after some awesome husband-wife therapy (TALKING... don't be dirty) we decided my hobbies are reading (we just can't afford to buy new books all the time), baking (we just can't afford to buy ingredients all the time/i can't afford to become the next immovable woman), and blogging (which is the sad truth of married women everywhere).

i am now determined to borrow some new books, find a recipe or two that works with what i've got in my pantry, and to blog my little heart out.

anyone have a good book for me? or another idea of how to not waste an entire day to myself next time? thanky thanky.

mrs. dtf


  1. So I too am a hobbyless housewife, they always seemed to take up too much time and money :) Now I'm busy with the kids, but before they came around here's what I wish I had done:
    1. exercised and been in great shape. No Excuses, you have time.
    2. Learned to cook more things.
    3. Studied more.
    And I like your friend's idea about the library, it's a great resource and a good place to study too. Good luck!

  2. exercise... right... i do that?

  3. Everyone is reading your blog, so I jumped on the bandwagon! K, first things first: you are seriously SO good at writing! Most women write so freaking much on their blogs and no pictures (but I do that too, so I'm a hypocrite) and I get bored after the second sentence, but you are so entertaining and hilarious I keep reading through your posts completely entertained! So add that to your list of hobbies/talents because it is so true! A talented writer for sure.
    I know what you mean about not having money to do anything- especially baking! It is so expensive! But have you ever seen the show Extreme Couponing? It is incredible. If you want something to take up your time that will make you feel so rewarded after, do that. I'm not as extreme, I wish I could buy 500 dollars worth of groceries for 5 bucks, but since it is so time consuming its a great hobby to take on that can even save you enough that maybe...just can then afford to take on your baking hobby! Go watch it, seriously its crazy. I think its on TLC ( youtube it). If you want a couponing buddy, I need one! So call anytime :) cheers!

  4. oh! and have you ever heard of Bountiful Basket? Its a food co-op for $15 a basket a week that you stock up on as much fresh veggies, meat, bread, etc. Its all farm fresh and its a ridiculous amount for only 15 dollars. Total steal. We split ours with another couple because its so much food at once, but sometimes you can freeze and save most of the stuff. Check it out!

  5. ariana, you are the absolute sweetest. i honestly have never had a moment of even slightest distaste towards you (and i generally have at least a few for everyone). i actually really do love to write so i'm glad it shows :) also, i am insanely jealous of those couponers. i used to be obsessed with that show, but then i just found it depressing cause i decided it was too hard/time-consuming for me. but you are right! that is precisely what i should be learning how to do with my spare time! also, i just barely heard about bountiful baskets. i think i could splurge for em if we found a couple to share with like you do, but otherwise it is just way too much food. our biggest problem right now is food going bad. we bought the smallest pack of hamburger buns and they went bad and we've had a loaf of bread go bad too :( it is hard to stock up for two.


thanks for your sweet and sassy little words.

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