Wednesday, May 23, 2012

bums at the beach

on friday all of the punk kids decided to play at the beach
while all of the adults were occupied with wedding stuff.

 {in front of the house we stayed at}
 {trying and failing to be normal}
 {oh yeah, that's my boy! ha.}
 {hang loose?}
 {pro boogie boarder}
 {who is the 3rd wheel? YOU decide.}
 {oh, youth}
 {they all came in at the same time. it was neat.}
 {the jones girls kinda minus the bride, chelsea}
 {mr. dtf skim boarding like a boss}
 {she aspires to be in cirque du soleil}
 {she aspires to be on america's next top model}
 {i don't know how this happens, but i apologize}
 {more of our little acrobat showing off}
 {mr. dtf has some tricks up his sleeve too}
 {this looks cute and fun}
 {but my booty was NOT enjoying it!}
{smile through the pain!}

so it has been raining cats and dogs here in portland.
and it's pretty depressing. and i want that beach day back.

any fun rainy day activities i should know about? ha.

mrs. dtf


  1. tips for a perfect rainy day:
    1) don't go to work
    2) make your favorite hot beverage
    3) find your favorite book to read
    4) acquire afghan/blanket
    5) possibly acquire cuddly animal to cuddle {it doesn't have to be a real animal}
    6) curl up in your favorite sitting space, with book, drink, animal & blankie. Read. Relax. Contemplate the universe.

    Take a nap. =)

  2. your swimsuit is SO cute! and i'm jealous that you got to go to the beach :(

  3. ummm so jealous. i need a vacation just like this. the only thing stopping me besides school and work is actually getting in a swimsuit, not sure if i can do it. it scares me. you guys are cuties and i love your suit.
    i love those last few pictures of you and the hubby at the end on the bike. adorable. its perfect.


  4. looks like california was so wonderful! dreaming of the ocean.. xoxo

  5. Looks like a blast! Really cute, silly, and funny photos.

  6. i am SO jealous! i havent been to the beach in a long time! it looks like you all had a perfect day! you and your hubby are too darn cute:)


  7. These are funny pictures!! I can't wait to go to the beach as well!!!!


thanks for your sweet and sassy little words.

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